ogake bridal

From the moment I found out that I was going to get married I knew what I wanted my wedding day to be like. My vision was clear as daylight, I wanted something I was going to be able to dance in, jump in, be carried in, but mostly, get down with. I had been stalking Ogake from the day I found her on social media, I knew what I wanted but wasn’t very sure if I could get it. So basically this was a test of faith. So flash forward to 2017, I had no budget and when I went to her I almost didn’t manage to get a slot for my dress to be done, it was all full. I almost broke down and cried! I begged and pleaded and made sure I wasn’t going to leave until Ogake relented and said she would make me my dress! phew…
I was ready a few weeks later when they called me to see my drawing of my dress, it was so beautiful. The first fitting made me cry, and the last fitting was almost like a family affair, everyone fussing over the tiniest detail upto the point where we made a last minute adjustment that created the lovely bow you see on the dress!
I loved every minute of working with Ogake and her team. they were so professional, nice and friendly. The communication was on point and they ALWAYS answered my calls and any questions they had.
The dress? I can wear it again and again. It was the lightest, puffiest, magnificent-est dress I have ever worn to any wedding and I loved how amazing it made me look. To top it off, my sister who makes bridal dresses in France could not believe my dress was handmade in Kenya. It was delicious the look on her face when i told her 🙂
The headpiece on my natural hair was also from Ogake and cost me 2000? I am not sure now, I was just so happy it looked good on me.
The price? You have to talk to Ogake 🙂