ogake bridal

I feel like I have so much to say about my experience in the making of this gorgeous dress. In a nut shell it was fun, tense (yes there were some tears), scary and exciting at the same time.
I remember walking into Ogake’s Studio on the day we decided that she would make my gown. It was just a visit as it had not yet crossed my mind that she would make my dress. She is my good friend and we go way back….would this work? Even after we spoke about it I was still unsure. Unsure of the unknown really, to be honest I had never really pictured my bridal gown and perhaps why I was ok with having some colour on my dress. After some thoughts I went to see her and of course I had lots of questions…how will I know what I want, what if you make this dress and I don’t like it? Well she is the expert and she gave me experiences of other brides and slowly but surely, I started gaining confidence in the idea of getting a custom-made gown from Ogake bridal.
First step was for me to go try out various gowns just so I get an idea of what silhouette I would want which I did and came back with feedback and I got to choose my lace and material, damn this lace…!! I loved it, it had blush, purple, gold and bling, but it was not white or gold, colors I thought I would go for.
Next step was sketching, a part of me was quite open to something unique, different and away from the norm. And in came the sketches, I was now gaining confidence that this could work….it was not as scary as I may have thought. Soon came fitting one…I went alone as advised ? The thing is with these type of gowns you need an imagination you need to do the first fitting and kinda picture how its going to look at the end, no butterflies in the tummy…. I kept thinking is this the part I cry? No not yet….in came fitting two I went with my mum and sister this time….the nerves on Ogake…hilarious. Anyway, curtains were pulled back and here I was waiting for a reaction from my peeps….nothing ‘clearly they had no imagination’ I thought to myself . So as usual some adjustments here and there and I thought fitting three would now be close to the end… I did not need to use too much imagination the next time. But we were not quite there yet. I remember getting frustrated at this point and thinking maybe I had made a mistake, maybe I should have just gotten a finished dress…wedding day quickly approaching.
Days before my next fitting, I got a call from Ogake… “I’ve changed the design of your dress” and I was like “WHAT”!! breathe, breathe….She just asked that I trust her on this and she would never allow me to walk down the aisle looking anything but perfect. I remember leaving work early to go see what she had done with the dress.
Hmmmmm I liked it…I got my smile back less imagination too. I’m sure she saw the twinkle in my eye…We were getting there…I remember once calling her as I got home and I was frustrated I was always honest with her I shared my fears and my frustrations and I guess most of the time I just needed her to assure me that all would be well. For us this was like a test of friendship it was as scary for me as I’m sure it was for her….
At every fitting I remember her saying we have a long way to go we need to add…tulle and much more stuff. I’m none the wiser. Soon enough it was time for my final fitting….the dress fit like a glove YES! FINALLY….(happy dance) in came the tears…well not from me…hehehehe!
My advice to other brides would be, have an idea of what you want and stick to it…there is no reverse here so you REALLY need to know for sure what it is that you want. Be patient, making a custom dress is a journey and the end is nice and sweet…Scary as it will seem, put your faith in this woman, she makes magic happen…Thanks Ogake ?