ogake bridal

Looking for a wedding dress in Nairobi is an uphill task. Shops stock the same dress over and over (switching up the bling on the dresses, bows, sashes and raising or lowering the strapless necklines), and if you are anything above a size 12…woe unto you.

I went to Ogake after a referral from my friend Wairu. I knew what I didn’t want but I wasn’t sure what I did…..

Ogake was fantastic; took me through my ideas and the pros and cons of each. She encouraged anything which highlighted my shape and gently steered me away from anything less flattering. Many many MANY whatsapp pictures later, she found the PERFECT fabric for my dress.

Fittings were a breeze, she understood the silhouette I wanted and created my lace dress beautifully.

Unique, one of a kind and oh so very elegant, the dress was stunning and fit beautifully (even after adjustments the DAY BEFORE the wedding)!!

Thanks Ogake, you clarified the picture in my mind, translated it on paper, designed it just for me and met my every expectation.

I will be looking for you as we renew our vows 20 years from now.