ogake bridal

“Kat you know Ogake will handle the heck out of your dream dress” said Wangu. You came highlyyy recommended, and with reason. Your work is fantastic and so I painfully but confidently doubled my dress budget :).

We started out great, you really understood what I was hoping for, sent me fantastic sketches and we settled on everything in Feb/ March and I went about my business.

Early April, I start asking about timeframes so I know what to expect. My messages get responded to days later…
6 weeks to the wedding, I start getting antsy. A month to the wedding I get an honest message from the team advising on delays (this was great at least) but does nothing for a bride’s peace of mind. Maybe a call?

Your work is beautiful! but don’t lose sight of the special role you play in a Bride’s dream and how you make her feel in the lead up to her day. It’s a huge responsibility and it truly is special. Whether her dress appeals/ challenges the designer in you or doesn’t.. it is such a special time.. You only get married once, hopefully:)

I write this honestly in the hope that it will stay in the back of your mind as you deal with future brides. God continue to bless and expand your business as He is doing. I know it was a busy time and it’s all water under the bridge now. You delivered! I continue to refer more clients to you (I think you were all booked out according to the last friend of mine who tried).

All the very best and thank you.