ogake bridal
ogake bridal

Ogake Bridal is a 100% Made in Kenya brand that focuses on custom-made, artisan bridal wear. A custom wedding dress is one that is made according to the specifications of an individual client. We put a lot of emphasis on detailed hand processes, and enjoy experimenting with old and new techniques to come up with original and very personal gowns.The aim of this post is to help you understand the step-by-step process of making a custom gown with us. We hope this will give you some insight if you are considering working with us!(For the photos, we are going to use of our beautiful client Joy, for whom we designed a beautiful gown for her wedding).


Call our office on 0732219292/0702111065 to book an appointment. We give personalized consultations to all our bridal clients to ensure that they walk out with an individualized mark of quality and style. Because each client is unique,we need ample time for consultation.We unfortunately do not accept walk-in clients.During the initial appointment, which lasts about 1 hour, you will describe to the creative director your dreams, vision and preferences.(Here we advise you to go absolutely wild because there are almost no limits to what is possible ).

One of Joy’s inspiration Photos

You can share your mood board or any inspiration you have(photos,themes or anything). We will use this, your preferences and an assessment of your body type as a basis for our sketches. However, if you feel like you are blank or clueless, you can also come with a clean slate, and we can build your idea step by step, through in-depth discussion.


When you are ready to begin the process, we charge a non-refundable commitment fee of 20,000(200 USD ). With this, we will do up to 3 sketches incorporating your inspiration but also considering body type, materials and budget. This process usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on how busy the atelier is,the time that you booked and your wedding date, but we aim to always keep you updated on the progress.Samples of any detailing e.g. bead work patterns, embroidery etc will also be done at this stage.

The sketch

At this point you can suggest and make any changes to the design, and once we have the final draft we will work out for you the total cost. You may also give us a budget in advance so that any suggestions we make do not exceed this. At this point, you will increase your deposit to 70% or more but not less enabling us to begin the cutting and construction of the dress.


You (the client), will then come to the atelier, your measurement will be taken by the tailor in charge and the pattern drafting,cutting and garment construction process will begin.(At times, the measurement is usually taken during the day of consultation especially when you pay the commitment fee immediately).


You then come for the first and second fittings(possibly 3rd ) and in case there are any adjustments they are done.

Fitting 1(Without any lacework)

On the first and second fitting, the gown is usually just a skeleton, without any detailing, and this can be very daunting. We urge you not to worry, because we will see the design through to the end, as designed for you.For a wedding gown, second or third fitting is also the best time for you to try on different types of headpieces(veils,fascinators) because you have the context of the dress.

STEP FIVE: FINISHINGFinishing of the gown is done with lace appliques, bead work, painting,embroidery and also trimming and hemming the dress etc. These processes are all done by hand and require ample time and lots of LOVE and ATTENTION.

STEP SIX: VOILA!At the last fitting, we ensure that the dress is not only comfortable, but also well fitting and details are perfect.

Joy looking beautiful in her gown
Beautiful Joy

Your gown will be hand-cleaned and steamed by us, ready for collection.

Photo by SunAfricastudios
Don’t you just love her poise.


1.The commitment fee of 20,000 shillings (200 USD) is part of the total gown cost but non refundable in case you decide you want someone else to do your dress.(Its both for your own protection and ours).Immediately we receive your deposit you have secured your booking; this is important because we can only make a limited number of dresses per season.

2.We usually advise you to make your payments in three parts; the commitment fee,the construction fee, just before the production process begins and the balance any time before before picking your gown.

3.In general we need a minimum of 8 weeks and up to 8 months to make your dress. We also offer an expedited service that may cost up to 40 percent above the actual cost. The expedited service kicks in once we have filled our orders for the month/ season. For custom dresses, please note that there is a limit to the number of gowns we can produce per month in order to maintain quality and the best possible service.

4.We advise you to come for your initial fitting on your own so that you don’t get too much conflicting information from well meaning friends and family.Once your idea is concrete, you can involve everyone else(not more than three people per fitting).A wedding dress is extremely personal and you are the best person to choose your dress.

NB.Gowns can only be collected once payment has been made in full.
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